WP 5 Euregional risk and crisis communication

The aim of this workpackage is to align the risk and crisis communication in the EMR towards citizens. Risk communication is the communication towards citizens before a crisis about possible risks, and crisis communication is the communication towards citizens during a crisis. A uniform and reliable provision of information to EMR citizens can prevent unrest among citizens because of differing risk and crisis communication that they encounter in the press and on social media from their neighbouring country. 

In agreement with the EMRIC partners, a document will be made on risk communication with a detailed description of what information has to be shared across the borders, and what should be done with it. This includes risk objects and intangible risks in the EMR. Existing European and bilateral treaties will be taken into account, as well as data protection rules.

A similar document will be made on crisis communication, to describe what information should be shared between the legal competent partners in the EMR. It describes who will share the information during a crisis, how to share this information (via telephone, web site, press etc.) and it will described what to communicate to citizens.

Implementation of both of these plans towards the target groups will be done by means of an e-learning.