WP 8 Cross-border sharing of crisis materials

The floodings of July 2021 showed the crucial need for crisis materials that can be used in unpredicted times, places and size. Although there was information available about the infrastructure and the expected resistance crisis materials could bring to the rising water, additional materials were needed in a very short time. 
Partners in EMRIC (such as firebrigades), the National Crisis Center in Brussels, the Public Service of Wallonia and Waterschap Limburg can not only influence transnational cooperation in policy, but also have the competences to influence day-to-day practice. For example: combining floodbarriers to grow the barrierboarder needs interfaces and additionals to prevent that there are openings remaining.

In this workpackage the main goal is the purchase of a movable floodbarrier unit. Additionally, a scan on the necessary tools and additional equipment for cross-border usage of the units in all EMR countries will be performed to enable the connection  to existing infrastructure in the relevant border region.