WP 6 Joint euregional evaluation

The aim of this work package is to make a model for joint evaluation of recent crises to improve joint assistance and crisis coordination in the EMR.

Crises are infrequent, although in the last two years we have been confronted with two major crises in the EMR, the pandemic and high water. Actions during crises, but also smaller incidents, are always evaluated in the three countries. However, there is a lack of a format to serve as a basis for a joint evaluation. As a frist step, a study will be conducted concerning the application of evaluation models used by the euregional partners. The purpose is to develop a joint evalution model for the cooperation in times of crisis in order to be able to formulate “lessons learned” for the entire EMR and introduce improvements accordingly. The study will be done by a third party. 

Based on the conducted study, we will, in agreement with all EMRIC partners, propose a joint evaluation model. This evaluation model should lead to improvement of the cross-border cooperation, cross border systems and agreements.