WP 3 Joint cross-border risk assessment

The aim of this work package is to develop and implement a proposal on how to do a joint cross-border risk assessment.
At the time of a flood crisis, the public authorities responsible for crisis management should have the same information. This is provided for in work packages 1 and 2. In the unlikely event of a crisis, these public services, all united in EMRIC and linked to each other at the time of a crisis by liaisons (one of the products of PANDEMRIC), must make a joint risk assessment. A study on cross-border risk assessment during flooding will show what kind of models are used for risk assessment in the three countries and internationally, and what kind of models could be used for a joint risk assessment, taking into account laws and regulations, culture and language differences (even between the Dutch and Flemish language). In the event of a high water threat, the services in EMRIC and associated partners will then be able to jointly assess the risks according to common models at an early stage and prepare an appropriate response to the threat. Once this joint risk assessment model is agreed upon, it is most important to implement this agreement in the associated organizations. Thus, as a last step in this work package, an e-learning will be developed on how to do a risk assessment in a cross-border setting.