WP 1 Improved prediction models and information exchange

Uniform euregional prediction models are eminent for proper uniform response of crisis services. Therefore, better coordination is needed between the weather, water and soil services in the countries to which the EMR belongs.

This coordination should lead to uniform information provision to the above-mentioned crisis services, so that they can jointly carry out a risk assessment and prepare for the possible consequences of the predicted situation in terms of weather and water levels in the larger and smaller rivers that flow through the EMR.
This should be arranged in the first instance by the mentioned services, albeit in close cooperation with the services in EMRIC, the Public Service of Wallonia and the Bezirksregierung of Cologne, so that the information needed for the risk assessment is shared.
The water, weather and soil partners will be added to the long-standing EMRIC – focus groups that deal with disaster management, in order to ensure good mutual cooperation, information exchange and a good connection of planning.