WP 2 Euregional/international crisis management system

The flood disaster of 14 July 2021 caused great damage, particularly in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine (EMR). Apart from the corona crisis, this is the first extraordinary disaster in years to affect the whole EMR. But due to climate change, it will certainly not be the last of its kind. 
The flood disaster showed that cross-border information exchange is of potentially life-saving importance. A cross-border system is needed to process, manage and present information and media in a common operational picture.

The Marhetak partner National Crisis Centre is developing an IT system for international cross-border exchange of information during crises called Paragon. This system can be linked to already existing systems and can be used in Member States that do not have their own Crisis Management System, so that the absence or use of different tools will no longer be an obstacle to cross-border cooperation. Paragon combines map layers with data sources and communication channels. Within the EMR, Paragon is the ideal platform for strengthening operational regional cooperation. 

With this project, the operational picture provided by Paragon can be complemented on the one hand with Euregio input, and on the other hand with data from Euregio sources such as hospital capacity, ambulance capacity and other key resources. This ensures uniform knowledge, interpretation and vision across borders. The output of this extension of Paragon can be improved with the help of test scenarios and a live exercise. In addition, existing initiatives such as PANDEMRIC will be included as data sources. 

To conclude, the objective of the work package is to realize a pilot, specifically aimed at flood disaster management in the EMR. The starting point here is the needs of the population and not administrative, organisational or technical-functional boundaries: affected people are entitled to the most adequate care, regardless of where it comes from. This makes coordination and cooperation, and thus the sharing of information across borders that forms the basis for this, paramount.